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LicencePrice per track
Promotional Content Tier 1 (companies with 0–20 employees)£159.99
Promotional Content Tier 2 (companies with 21–50 employees)£259.99
Promotional Content Tier 3 (companies with 51–100 employees)£359.99
Promotional Content Tier 4 (companies with 101–500 employees)£500
Vlogger / Blogger£29.99
Indie Film£160
Indie Film Trailer£260
Home / Education£30
Crowdfunding (campaign goal 0–10k)£90
Crowdfunding (campaign goal 10–25k)£180
Crowdfunding (campaign goal 25–50k)£270
Crowdfunding (campaign goal 50–250k)£360
Podcast (independent)£80
Podcast (business)£209