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Frequently Asked Questions

Artist: Questions and Answers about Sync-Audio’s Agreement

Can I make money licensing my songs?

Yes! From a few pounds to thousands of pounds (each project varies).

What do your clients do with my music?

Usage: Films, Advertising, Social networks, Corporate, video games and all new media.

Once my music is licensed will it be edited?

Yes! If the project requires it by the license user.

Once authorisation is given to license my music, can I work with other companies?

Yes! You are free to work with anyone or any companies at any time; we only represent the songs/tracks assigned.

When can I end the agreement?

You’re free to end the agreement within 30 days notice if exploitation hasn’t occurred.

Will Sync-Audio keep any of the Royalties?

Yes! 50% gross of all income to Sync-Audio and 50% gross to you, less PayPal’s admin payment fee of 5% maximum. Payments are made on the last business day of each month in the year, with a breakdown of usage. No monies are held by us. All directly paid into your nominated PayPal account.

Do I have to sign up with a preforming rights organization?

If you’re signed up great! If you’re not, we will take care of that. We register all songs/tracks on preforming rights societies then track and collect your royalties, to save you money and time to do what you do best.

Do I have a say in licensing proposals?

No! We retain rights to negotiate on all licensing on songs/tracks assigned.

What kind of music do Sync-Audio clients want?

High quality content music across all genres.

Should my music be professionally recorded?

Yes! Mixed and mastered, ready for broadcasting/downloading. It must be able to stand up alongside the best.

If I have a recording and publishing deal will I be accepted?

No! Unless you are the independent owner and controller of all the rights to recording and publishing.

Can co-written songs be assigned?

Yes! Sync-Audio is not responsible for paying your writers splits or recording splits. Your gross share with us is 100% your income - to share according to your own arrangements.

What about taxes?

You will be responsible for paying taxes on all income paid to you.

Submission/Selection Process

Is there an age limit to submit music?

Legally you must be over 16 years old.


To register you must have a PayPal account to submit music and to get paid.

To complete the application process?

Application rules include; a guarantee that material submitted is yours (written and recorded by you or jointly). DO NOT SEND tracks that may infringe on others copyright. Submit your own songs please.

What happens if my music is not chosen?

We will inform you by e-mail and delete all tracks submitted including online agreement.

How will I know if my music has been selected?

You will receive an Accept or Decline confirmation within 10–30 days.

What happens once my music has been selected?

Your music joins our catalogue of great music and is promoted worldwide.

Which music format do I submit?

We require a WAV file resolution that’s easy to work with.

What about samples?

No sampled songs, NO COVERS! We respect original songs only.

How many songs can I submit?

Maximum of 4 songs/tracks initially and if your music is great, a further 4 songs/tracks thereafter.

Why is our License exclusive?

Exclusivity is what clients prefer. If your song/tracks are exclusively assigned, clients find it more favourable, rather than if it’s being added on multiple licensing platforms.

Will songs submitted need to be accompanied by lyrics?

Not generally, however if it’s required we will let you know.

A song, a track, my music - what’s the difference?

No difference - if it’s a song (accompanied by music), great! If it’s an instrument piece or acapella/poetry/spoken word, great! All formats welcomed in our audio library.

Can I submit my music if I am not a UK citizen?

Yes! We welcome Composers/ Musicians /Artist and Bands music from all over the world.